Wesport Conference Workshop

Thank you for joining my session at the Wesport Conference. I hope you enjoyed it and went away with some new ideas and information. You can download:

The notes from the workshop here

Magic Rocks and the Giant here

Below is information about what we provide, discounts and some Mini Yo! Story videos for you to follow.


Further Training and Resources

I am happy to offer you a discount for the training and resources we offer.

B Inspired specialises in Early Years and provides CPD, Resources and Support, in person and online for early years teachers and practitioners.


All attendees can access the Full Online courses with a 10% discount.

Code: Wesport21

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We also provide Webinar training and in-house training – find out more here

Mini Movers Membership

You will have access to a bank of activity videos, images, downloadable ideas, information and CPD. Each month more ideas and info will be added. Sign up to either of the memberships with the Wesport discount code and you can access this for half price for 6 months!

Code: Wesport-21

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Our physical resources have been developed to respond to early years teachers and practitioners needs. Grab your resources at 20% off.

Code: Wesport20

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Mini Session

If you or a college would like a 30-minute online session with me to discuss or ask anything abut the early years please email and we can book a slot – [email protected]

Alternatively, just give me a call on 07946583552.

Mini Yo!

Mini Yo! is an exciting and fun way for children of all ages, to develop physically, emotionally and creatively. The yoga-based moves and activities can be used for relaxing as well as encouraging children to be active.

Once children are happy with the individual moves, here is a full story.

You can also create your own story with the children, using the Mini Yo! cards.

Mini Yo! Mindfulness

We all need time away from being busy, stresses of life, irrespective of how old we are and just enjoy some calm in the moment. You can now use our mindfulness films to help your children to relax, and relax yourself. All postures are based on the Mini Yo! moves but are kept simple and slow so your children can concentrate on just being and relaxing.

You can also learn the moves and demonstrate them without the film.